A Delicious Day of Eating in…Dover, Delaware!

You may not consider Delaware to be a great place to find great food, but you would be wrong.  Many people have no idea what or where Delaware is, but we have a lot to be proud of.  As our license plates proclaim, we are “The First State.”  Little known fact: Dogfish Head Brewery (@dogfishbeer) is located in Milton, Delaware.  We also have a huge number of farms throughout our state producing wonderful items like delicious fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats, and the list just keeps on going.  By the way, we are also right on the Atlantic coast, so we have access to some fantastic seafood.  However, there is one thing that many people alive during the early 1990’s will remember about the state: Delaware was featured during the movie “Wayne’s Word” when Wayne famously said, “Or, imagine being magically whisked away to… Delaware.”  Look up the clip, it is good for a laugh, but very misleading.  Delaware is the second smallest state in the country with a lot to offer.

Great way to start the day: Sweet Potato Pancakes, Eggs, and Crispy Bacon!
Great way to start the day: Sweet Potato Pancakes, Eggs, and Crispy Bacon!

Dover is located right in the middle of the state and is its historic capital.  Every day, business is being done in the halls of government there, but everyone has to eat.  Starting out with the most important meal of the day (at least that’s what mom always said), there are a number of choices.  Though many people would direct you to Kirby and Holloway Family Restaurant on DuPont Highway (they’ve been there for a LONG time), I would make another suggestion.  Just around the corner on Silver Lake (can you say awesome lake views with your meal) is the Countrie Eatery Restaurant (950 N. State Street, Dover, DE).  From the moment you walk in, the staff makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a restaurant being run by your grandmother.  For breakfast, I would suggest having the sweet potato pancakes (when they are available).  They are amazing and really filling, but their other pancake selections, or raisin French toast, are equally worth the visit.  By the way caffeine freaks, their coffee is pretty good.  Very important early in the morning.

 After you’ve taken some time to digest your breakfast by going and walking around the historic district (great museums!) or shopping at the many stores located in the area, it’s time for lunch!  One of my favorite choices for lunch includes a breakfast item: bagels!  Take a drive down Route 8 West to Some Guy’s Bagels (136 Greentree Drive, Dover, DE).  This unassuming little shop is in an area of strip stores, so watch for their sign.  When you walk in, the baskets of bagels say all that needs to be said…this place knows their stuff.  Their bagels are made fresh each day and sell out quickly as the day progresses.  Some of my favorites include jalapeño and cheddar, salt, and everything.  Along with a large selection of house mixed cream cheeses, you can also have sandwiches made on their fantastic bagels.  My choice: a jalapeño and cheddar bagel (toasted) with turkey, lettuce, tomato, and onion.  Simple, but good!  However, I can also say that the chicken salad is also great.

A wonderful secret awaits...homemade ice cream!
A wonderful secret awaits…homemade ice cream!

You may be unable to walk by this point or you may be contemplating a long nap, but there’s one more place that Dover has to offer.  Travel a little further down Route 8 West to Byler’s Country Store (1368 Rose Valley School Road, Dover, DE).  While traveling, please make sure to watch out for the horse-and-buggies traveling down the shoulders of the road.  This place has everything from food to country knick-knacks, but the big draw for me is their ice cream.  It’s homemade and delicious.  Their flavors change, but get their peach if it’s available (everything is wonderful, though).  By the way, did I mention that for a serving the size of a softball (either in a cone or a dish) the cost is only $1!  That’s right, $1.  For two scoops, it’s $2.  An amazing deal for some amazing ice cream. As a side note, some people are happy to find an great bakery (aren’t cookies a meal if they include fruit?!)  I can suggest one for you, but you have to go early because they sell out quickly.  The Frankfurt Bakery and Sandwich Shop (323 S Governors Ave  Dover, DE) is old-school baking at it’s best.  When they’re sold out, that’s it!  This place is a hidden gem that is not to be missed.  Their sandwiches are delicious (particularly on their homemade selection of breads), but they’re also THE place to go to satisfy your sweet tooth.  I would suggest their almond horns and chocolate raspberry cake.  I gained a pound just thinking about them.

As you may have noticed, I’m proud of the amazing food products found in Delaware, but we’ve just scratched the surface.  Dover is only one city.  There are many other towns and cities with amazing foods to try.  So take some time to visit the small state of Delaware.  You (and your stomach) will not be sorry.


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