New Year, New Possibilities!

Happy New Year Message 2015As any of my past readers know, my wife and I have recently relocated to Salem, MA. This move was one that we’ve wanted to make for a very long time, but the holidays brought up some emotions we hadn’t thought about. My wife has spent many holidays away from her family because of factors like distance, college, etc. For me, this was the first set of holidays that I’ve ever spent away from my family and I had no idea how different it would really be. It all started with Thanksgiving – the holiday that lets me cook for a crowd, while being surrounded by family. The difference was that this year I only had my wife and two neighbors to cook for. It was a major change, but we got through it by having a wonderful dinner laughing and sharing with our new friends. Christmas was a different story.

Christmas has always been the major holiday for my family that has included a variety of dinners and traditions. We were excited about spending this special time of year in a new place, making new memories and traditions for our small family. The only part that got a bit hard was talking to my mom on Christmas Eve. I will admit that I got a lump in my throat talking to her. That was hard, but we enjoyed the holiday and made new memories (even as we both got over the stomach flu).

Now we’re entering a new year and I have to say that I’m excited about the possibilities that it holds. We look back in awe at 2014 and the whirlwind that it was – moving to a new place, making new friends, exploring new places. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that life will always have its high and low points, but that’s what makes it so worth living! I don’t know what you’ve been going through over the past year, but don’t let it dictate what 2015 holds for you.

If 2014 was a great year for you, I hope that 2015 will be even better. But if 2014 was a year that you have no problem seeing end, I hope that 2015 will offer the changes and turning points that you need to make this your best year ever. I’m not saying that this year will be without hiccups or difficulties, but don’t focus on them. You’re starting a new year that is full of promise and I hope you make a conscious effort to make every moment of it count. I wish you the happiest New Year ever and I look forward to sharing my 2015 adventures with you.


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