Getting Back To The Things That Bring Me Joy

It’s been about a year since I last sat down to write something for myself. I write each day for my job, but to sit down and create something for myself can be very difficult at times. This is going to change – I’m trying to get my priorities back in order – and I’m planning to share a lot more about the food I love, the travel that excites me, and the path through life that I’m going down.

One thing that caused me to step away for a while was the death of one of my dogs, Rory. I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a dog. But you would be wrong in that assumption. We rescued Rory from an abusive, horrible situation and in return, she gave us 11 years of joy and laughter. She was a member of our family and it was difficult to move on from losing her.

Rory with the goofy grin that was always on her face.

Though last year was painful with the loss of Rory, there were some bright spots and I want to share some highlights to get you up to speed.

It may seem like we haven’t, but we’ve been doing a lot of traveling. Along with many road trips around New England, late last winter we took an amazing nine-day trip to Paris. It was the first time in the city for us and the experience was one that we’ll never forget. The architecture and sights were breathtaking, and the food and wine were delicious. With each turn, the city seemed to wrap its arms around us as we walked from one end to the other. I had meant to do a blog post about the experience at the time, but I always take plenty of notes when we travel. So, be looking for a post very soon with some great spots to visit when you find yourself in that beautiful city. It may seem crazy, but we’re already planning to return in 2018.

Along with Paris, I returned to Honduras as part of the work that I do. I’m the Manager of Marketing and Communications for a nonprofit organization called El Hogar ( We operate campuses in Honduras that welcome 250 students each year where they have access to a quality education, a safe place to call home, and opportunities they never would have dreamed possible. Each time I visit Honduras, I’m reminded of the extremes within the country. The people are some of the kindest I’ve ever met and the scenery is beautiful. On the other hand, a majority of residents are extremely impoverished and they live in horrible conditions. We work each day to break the cycle of poverty in the lives of our students. I count it as a privilege to visit Honduras and to work with the amazing people on our campuses. You can read about my recent trips and learn about El Hogar by visiting our blog at

As I said, I’ll be posting some information about our trip to Paris soon, but we also have plenty of trips planned for this year. The list includes the Province of Quebec in Canada and a trip to the United Kingdom. I can’t wait to share our experiences with you!

On the food scene, we’ve been trying a lot of new recipes and have found some great new restaurants. The North Shore of Massachusetts has one of the best food scenes in New England!

Though the past year’s been a difficult one and I’ve not had a chance to post anything, I appreciate having the opportunity to share my experiences with each of you. Be watching for tons of travel tips and recipes. Thank you for following me on my journey!


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